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History Class Policies

 Policies for Mr. Davis's United States History Class

Please work with your child to make sure that they are putting forth sufficient effort in all of their courses and activities. My goal is to partner with you to achieve maximum success for your student. The following explains my classroom policies and procedures.

1. Materials that must be brought to class daily

  • United States History textbook 
  • United States History notebook
  • Pen and pencil

2. Suggested Binder Organization

  • Section 1: Syllabus / Assignment Sheet / Maps
  • Section 2: Timelines / Vocabulary
  • Section 3: Class Notes / Handouts
  • Section 4: Worksheets / Chapter Assessment / Study Guides
  • Section 5: Current Events / Quizzes / Tests / Essays / Projects

3. Proper heading for papers in this class:

  • Name
  • Assignment (ex: Class Notes 9/16/03; Outline 9/5/03; Quiz 9/12/03; HW p. 216)
  • Date
  • Block

4. Methods of Assessment & Grading:

Assessment % of Grade
Tests* 40
Quizzes 30
Project 10
Class work 10
Homework & Current Events 10
Total 100%

* United States History notebook counts as one test grade per interim period.

5. Grading scale

Percentage Points Letter Grade
100 - 92 A
91 - 83 B
82 - 74 C
73 - 65 D
64 - Below F

NOTE: All "D" & "F" work will be sent home for parent signature. Five points maximum will be awarded for papers returned with parent signature for a maximum of 74 points.

6. Class Procedures

Students are to bring all required materials to class on a daily basis and are expected to be in their seats before the tardy bell rings. Enter the classroom and put your homework in the homework box and begin the DO NOW Activity. Late homework will be reduced a letter grade. Work silently on the DO NOW Activity until Mr. Davis collects the assignment.

At times we will engage in collaborative learning activities, at which time students will be instructed to work cooperatively with others. At all other times, students are to work individually to complete their assignments, quizzes, and tests.

7. Behavior

We will adhere to the policies and procedures of Newport News Public Schools as stipulated in your student handbook. Students are expected to pay attention when someone else is talking. Do not interrupt your peers. I will give you ample opportunity to speak. In all matters, Mr. Davis will demonstrate respect towards every student in the classroom. Students will in turn demonstrate respect towards Mr. Davis as well as towards their fellow classmates. As such, the use of foul or offensive language will not be tolerated.

8. Consequences

In the event that a student's behavior becomes disruptive to the learning environment, the following shall occur:

  • Warning from Mr. Davis and Parent Contact (phone, e-mail, and/or certified letter).
  • Conference with Mr. Davis and Parent.
  • Administrative Referral

By partnering together, we can prevent and/or curtail disruptive behavior, thereby increasing instructional time and improving every student's level of success.

9. Homework and Current Events & Make-up tests and quizzes.

Following an absence it is your responsibility to ask me or to check the website for missed assignments or to schedule to make up assignments after school. You will then have five calendar days following the date you were absent to turn in homework for credit, or to make up a test or quiz. Class notes can be downloaded from my Web page when absent.

10. Projects.

There will be one project assigned each marking period. Projects are due on the assigned date. Projects turned in late will be reduced one letter grade for each calendar day late (ex: an A paper becomes a C if two days late, etc.). Each day late results in one full letter grade reduction until a grade of F is achieved. Projects not turned in by the end of the marking period will receive a grade of zero.

11. Non-Negotiable Expectations.

You may not chew gum, consume food or drink, read personal magazines, put on make-up, wear headgear, display electronic devices, or work on assignments or homework from other classes in U.S. History class.

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MR. DAVIS'S CLASSROOM POLICIES (Please download, print and sign this form, and return it for homework credit).




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