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20th Century Topics Resources Answering AP Level DBQ Questions

DBQ Scoring Standards

AP DBQ Scoring Scale :: IB Scale


Writing the DBQ Essay in U.S. History

The War Paper Guidelines

General Notes on the I.A.

Internal Assessment Criteria (Rubric)

2005 Paper 1 Questions

2005 Paper 1 Resource Pack

2005 Paper 2 Questions

2005 Paper 3 Questions

Cold War Series: Dividing the World

Cold War Series: The Cold War in Asia

Cold War Series: Nuclear Weapons

Notes: European Powers Pre-WWI

Study Questions: The Era of Bismarck

Study Questions: The Era of Bismarck-Testing the Peace

Lecture and Notes :: The Russian Revolution


The Final Crisis Study Questions

The Causes of War Discussion and Notes

Vocabulary Quiz – World War I

Take Home Test – How World War I caused World War II

Study Questions: From the Rhineland to Vienna, and British Rearmament, pp. 364 – 382

CNN Cold War Video Series Resources Interactive Maps

Technology Fueled by the Cold War

Espionage During the Cold War

The Atomic Bomb

Cold War Knowledge Bank

Cold War Challenge Games

“IRON CURTAIN”  Discussion Questions

“MARSHALL PLAN”  Discussion Questions

Map of Europe Post World War II (Occupied Germany)

“BERLIN”  Discussion  Questions

“KOREA”  Discussion Questions  :: Terms

“CHINA"  Discussion Questions

“AFTER STALIN”  Discussion Questions

“RED SPRING”  Discussion Questions

“MAD"Discussion Questions

“BACKYARD” Discussion Questions

U.S. History Resources First Semester Exam Review Packet
The History Channel This site allows you to search by topic and shows you history of the current day you are "surfing".
Women's Suffrage Features include a timeline of important dates for women's suffrage and the women's rights movement.
Immigration This site features: images, text, and sound files that describe the immigrant experience at the turn of the century and allows you to actually visit Ellis Island
The Underground Railroad Take a tour on the underground railroad!
On-Line Tutorial Aides This sites includes: special features/homework help/timelines/photos/various topics and more!!! Be sure to check out the photos on child labor!
VA & US History Curriculum Framework Virginia Department of Education Curriculum Framework: This is the material that the Standards of Learning test is based on, and from which I make my class notes, tests, quizzes, and study guides.





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